First post in the project

So, it’s time to say hello. My name is Magda and I am front-end developer.

I decided to take part in “DSP 2017” for many reasons.
First of all – it’s an excellent opportunity to learn new technology. I will write my application in Angular 2 and this is a novelty for me. Previously, I worked only with Angular 1, and did not write the application from scratch, only improved existing functionality. This is a big change for me, and I’m very excited about this.

Besides, I like that this project requires a systematic and consequences. To be honest, generally,  I have no problem with regularity and self-denial. I work remotely, so I have to be disciplined and I’m good at it. But in this case I will have more things to do: work full-time, application development and blog writing. I think that it can help me be even more organized and work more efficiently.

Third important thing is the need to describe the progress of my work, problems, successes etc. It will allow me to better understand the various stages of application development. I’ve never described the problems with the code, so it can be great experience.

So, it seems that it will be interesting 3 months. Now it’s the time to writing a work plan, main assumptions, and the first lines of code.

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