About application

Today I would like to say something about my application.

It calls “Worth IT”. This tool allows you to save and store things, events, etc., that are worthy of attention.
How many times in your life you tasted something, e.g tea, or something good to eat and you thought: “I like it, I want to buy this another time”, but you have not saved this anywhere, and you have forgotten about it. After 2 weeks you want to eat or drink the same thing, but you do not remember the name.

Thanks to the “worth it” this problem will disappear.

So in this application, you will be able to log in to your account, to save your product worthy of attention, evaluate it according to the scale, give a comment, add a category to be able to easily view stored things in the future, add a shop / place where you bought something, maybe see this on the map. It will be the perfect tool to quickly save things that we liked, or on the contrary – to save those things we do not want to try anymore. Thanks this apps we can also recommend someone something good.

This application will be user-friendly, but at the same time, I want to take care of the design.

I realize this application with another programmer who takes part in this project.
He is working on a backend, so this application will be fully functional.

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