Modal in Angular 2

This week was very hard for me, because I was a little sick, so I had no strength to work after work. But I tried to move forward with my app.

Under the assumption, the first step was to create a landing page, but later I decided to make a modal that will be used in the login/register. I said I would start with something that does not require creativity and design creation. So, I changed my plan and I built the first modal in angular 2.

So I started with installing the package:

    npm install angular2-modal --save

Later I had to configure the component and add:

import { Component, ViewContainerRef } from '@angular/core';
import { Overlay } from 'angular2-modal';
import { Modal } from 'angular2-modal/plugins/bootstrap';

Class VievContainerRef represents a container where one or more Views can be attached.

In template I added:

<button (click)="onClick()">...</button>

and defined constructor:

export class AppComponent {
  constructor(overlay: Overlay, vcRef: ViewContainerRef, public modal: Modal) {
    overlay.defaultViewContainer = vcRef;

I also defined onclick()

  onClick() {

I must also add something in app.module.ts

import { ModalModule } from 'angular2-modal';
import { BootstrapModalModule } from 'angular2-modal/plugins/bootstrap';
  imports: [ 

And that’s it. Now I must add styles and make this app element look good.

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